Happy Tradie is the best carpet cleaners in Sunshine Coast. We are a highly experienced and professional team of cleaning technicians, who are available to serve you any time you want. We have a huge experience of dealing with all types of carpets and removing all types of stains, both in residential and commercial areas. You can rest assured that you have chosen the right company to clean all your carpets. Happy Tradie is the true cleaning professional.


Whether you have your home or business, call and make an appointment today if you want to get the best results. We also provide stain protection for your carpets, which will prolong its life and make it cleaner for a longer period of time.


•             We have integrity, experience and commitment which lead to an unmatched customer service in Sunshine Coast.


•             We always produce excellent results, and our clients always leave happily.


•             We have powerful equipment and the most effective techniques which will perform and excellent clean of your carpets.


•             Through are quality service,  we have raised the standards and expectations of carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast.


•             We proceed to make your carpets as clean and fresh with all the necessary steps required.


•             We will aim to kill all the bacteria and allergens that have infested your carpets and restore the overall condition of your carpets.


•             We will sanitize your carpets, increasing the overall quality of the indoor air.

 best carpet cleaners in Sunshine Coast

When we are done with cleaning, the carpet will dry within hours and not days. If there are the right conditions, in some cases the carpets are dried even before we have finished the job. We will clean the carpets for you and provide a clean carpet for you and your children to walk on. We will improve the air quality of your interior.

 best carpet cleaners in Sunshine Coast

Put faith in the best carpet cleaners in Sunshine Coast and we assure you will notice the difference in your carpets before and after the clean. Through our experience in carpet cleaning and the effort we put in, we have gained an excellent reputation in Sunshine Coast. Call us now for a free non obligation quote and get the best possible results for your carpets.

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