We at Happy Tradie’s carpet cleaning services provide a complete range of dry and steam carpet cleaning services to all residential and commercial buildings in the East suburbs of Brisbane. Our cleaning services range from cleaning your carpet and rugs to the cleaning of the fabric of your furniture. We always use the right equipment and products to get the job done efficiently. Apart from this we also provide sanitation and deodorizing services.

Why do you need Happy Tradie Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?

  • Carpets generally attract infections and contaminations such as dust bugs, animal feces, pet hair and dandruff, dirt etc.
  • All these contaminants can be harsh and destroy your carpet as well as your health and can permanently damage the fibers.
  • If you regularly clean your carpets from us they will not only look brand new, but their life will also prolong.
  • Clean carpets create a safe and sanitary environment at your premises.

 carpet cleaning brisbane east

The advantages of hiring us are endless, but the main advantage is because of our knowledge. We know which fibers are easiest to clean and we also know which materials to use. Our inspections will determine what the current condition is and the current stains on the carpets and rugs, so that we can determine the best course of action to take.  We use heavy duty equipment enabling us to remove stubborn stains easily.

We initially break down the stain on your carpets and rugs, so that they can easily be washed out by water and detergent. We then use specialized equipment to dry out the carpet and rug. After cleaning your carpets we show them to the owner for a final inspection to make sure no dust or stain remains and the smell is also gone. If the owner does not approve of it we repeat the necessary process because your satisfaction is what we crave for!

 carpet cleaning brisbane east

Happy Tradie’s carpet Cleaning Brisbane East services give your home a new look by cleaning your carpets and rugs and making them look brand new. So call us now or got to our website to get a detailed look at our services and get a free quote.

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