Happy Tradie’s carpet cleaning are generally recognized both nationally and internationally as the best carpet cleaning service providers in Brisbane Australia. Happy Tradie carpet cleaning services are highly recommended by all the real estate agents in the western suburbs of Brisbane. The reason why we are popular and highly recommended is because we know what your carpet needs.

Why avail our services?

  • Our entire product list consists of non-toxic and safe ingredients.
  • The carpets are dry within two to five hours.
  • We provide basic spot treatment.
  • Our services are fully insured.
  • 100% Satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Our carpet cleaning services are licensed in Brisbane.
  • We are fast and efficient.

Happy Tradie’s carpet cleaning Brisbane West provides the best methods for cleaning your carpets and removing stains.

  • We steam clean your carpets, which is the most effective way of cleaning your carpets. The carpets are dry within 2 to 8 hours as well.
  • After cleaning, the carpets are immediately safe to walk on as no toxic chemicals are used. You don’t need to accelerate the drying process of your carpets by turning on you air conditioner, nor by reverse cycle heating, or not even by opening up your windows and doors. Because we will be drying the carpets too for you!
  • Our team of skilled cleaners has a great attention to detail and use the top of the line products to provide the best possible service.
  • We have without any doubt the best carpet cleaning service in Brisbane.

carpet cleaning brisbane west

Our standard stain removal treatment process is as follows:

  1. Clear all the furniture from the area.
  2. Pre-spraying the carpet with non-toxic, high quality and with bio degradable ingredients.
  3. We will use a variety of different treatments depending on the type of stain e.g. grease, blood, chewing gum, red wine etc.
  4. We might apply a heavy duty detergent on areas which has a heavy stain.
  5. After this we apply an odor neutralizer and deodorant to remove any smell caused by pets or cooking etc.
  6. We agitate, clean, rinse and extract.

carpet cleaning brisbane west

Contact us now and get your free quote. We will clean your carpets and return them to their pristine condition, all soft and supple!

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