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1. Try to use some solutions that will effectively remove urine odor

Even if most solutions fail to resolve the problem, there are some “bio-enzymatic” solutions that have been proven to be effective in eliminating urine odors in carpets. These products were known to remove even the past urine odors that had long been soaked in the carpet.

“Bio-enzymatic” refers to the ability of the solution to work its way in removing bacteria or cleaning the enzyme material present in the urine. These are the things that create stinking odors.

2. First aid remedy

Once you have spotted urine material in your carpet, it is best to dab several layers of paper towels in the area. This will guarantee instant absorption of the urine. Let the paper towel absorb as much urine as it can handle by putting more pressure on it.

Repeat this process for about two to three times until greater amount of urine has been absorbed by the paper towels.

3. Use a car shampoo

After removing the urine and eliminating bad odor by using “bio-enzymatic” solutions, it is best that you use a car shampoo. This will make your carpet smell good enough. Besides, it can also condition your carpet since it contains some conditioning agents. Hence, your carpet’s softness is maintained.

4. Always rinse with warm water

After doing all the necessary application of proven solutions, always make it a point to wash away the entire residue by using warm water. This can also effectively wash away bacteria and other materials not removed by the solutions.

5. Home-made solutions are great alternatives

If your budget cannot afford to buy those commercialized urine and pet odor removal solutions, you can opt for some alternatives.

Try using some solution of vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and some water. This solution will neutralize the odor that urine can cause.

Use the solution in your carpet and let it stay there for about a day or two. If some odor persists, repeat the procedure.

Keep in mind that nothing can work better than an instant remedy. So it is best to remember to treat the area as soon as you have spotted urine material on it.

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